Take Away

Assorted Cantabrian cheeses with something sweet 17,50
Assorted Iberian cold cuts 14,50
Cecina de León (cured beef) with Arbequina olive oil 14,00
Santoña anchovies with roasted peppers 16,50
Deep-fried squid rings 11,50
Our croquettes 9,80
Prawns with crunchy almonds 9,80
Scallops with garlic 15,50
Risotto with mushroom sauce (noon) 12,00
Black rice with mussels and ali-oli (midday) 13,50
"Cocido montañés" like Maximina did 9,50
"Pochas" with prawns and clams 10,00
Km-0 salad with Simón cheese 13,00
Duck ham and foie salad 14,00
Bluefin tuna tartar and white garlic cream 19,80
Shrimp and mango ceviche 16,00
Cream of seasonal vegetables 12,50
Artichokes with almonds, cured ham and mushrooms 11,00
Grilled hake 18,50
Cod with vegetable noodles 21,00
Trunk of bluefin tuna with olive ground 22,80
Salmon marinated with dill with lemon 18,80
Cantabrian grass burger (goat cheese and tomato jam) 12,00
Old-style glazed cheek 16,80
Boneless lamb 21,50
Cudaña rice pudding 5,00
Lemon mousse with chocolate shavings 6,00
Centennial almond cake 7,00
Cheesecake 6,50
Basil yogurt 5,60
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